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2013/08/07 - for immediate release
Death of Blink Tag
TSTBTBT Suspends Campaign

Because of Blink Tag's passing, TSTBTBT has suspended their long-standing campaign to ban the undesirable element.

Blink Tag died at his workplace's infirmary on 6 August 2013, after a lengthy illness.

Netscape engineer Lou Montouli conceived Blink Tag in the late summer of 1994. Tag began his career with Netscape (later Mozilla) on 9 September 1994.

The early signs of Tag's degenerative illness appeared on 20 November 2001, when Mozilla added the browser.blink_allowed preference to its net suite.

Tag was hospitalized on 2 July 2013, when Mozilla surgically removed him from Firefox 23 and Seamonkey 2.20.

His demise came barely a month later, 6 August 2013, as Tag's last employer, Opera, withdrew his life support in version 15 of their browser.

Blink Tag is survived by his brother, Marquee Tag; and by his daughter, Image Slider, both of the Mozilla address.

Services for Blink Tag were at historic Philadelphia Church on Clark Street in Chicago. Tag is interred at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California.

Blink Tag, 9 September 1994 — 6 August 2013

RIP Stop that infernal blinking